A local service and local technical support?


Special price for Wireless Broadband Installation + Wi-Fi Modem = €75
No Telephone line required for service

We professionally install a reliable broadband system,
We provide excellent technical support to our customers and if required we call out to address technical issues, we are perhaps one of the very few internet providers who can or do provide this level of technical support,
We endeavour to personally answer phone calls from customers,
We are constantly amazed how existing customers actively recommend us to their friends and neighbours, for any business referral is the best advertising you can receive

Best Wireless Broadband Hardware Installation Deal Available

When we call out to you to check the availability of our signal at your location, if the signal does not meet our installation specifications, we do not install and there is NO-Charge for calling out and testing????
Our price of €25 is the amount you pay for our standard package broadband every month and not like some others who quote a special introductory offer price which increases after a few months and when totalled with landline rental for 12 to 18 months can be expensive?
**Reliable Wireless Rural Broadband Service we don’t have a 12 Month, 18 Month or even 24 Months Contracts: Just 30 Days Cancellation (Yes: Only 30 Days)**

Our service is suitable for
“Working from home”
Students doing online study & research

Please contact us for further details.
Jer – 087 8375474
 Or use our contact form:

Comments or questions are always welcome

Why not contact us for a free Wireless broadband test 

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